Our Team

Truly Social Games is Truly Global,
with studios in Portland OR USA, Minsk Belarus, and Vancouver BC Canada.

Portland, Oregon

Our Portland office is where our leadership, marketing, community management, and support teams are based.

Portland Executive Team


Cooper DuBois

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Cooper DuBois is CEO and Co-Founder of Truly Social Games where he is at the helm of all company operations, developments, and strategies.

Before the launch of Truly Social Games, he studied Fine Art at San Francisco State University, and then went on to lead the charge at casual gaming powerhouses Big Fish Games in 2005 and DoubleDown Interactive in 2009 where he was Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

He now lives with his family in Portland, Oregon where he’s also the owner of The Liquor Store, a favorite (and award-winning) local bar.


Patrick Tougas

Chief Creative Officer/Studio Director/Co-Founder

Patrick Tougas is CCO and Studio Director of Truly Social Games, where he oversees the company’s growth strategies and game development on all levels.

A 24 year ‘AAA’ video game industry veteran, prior to launching Truly Social Games, he successfully bolstered the game catalogues of industry giants such as Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, Square Enix and Capcom on titles/ franchises such as Diablo, Diablo 2, StarCraft, WarCraft Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider and Dead Rising 2, 4 and 5.

He earned his degree in Special FX and Animation at the Vancouver Film School. In his free time, Patrick loves to go for rides on his motorcycle along the Oregon coast and play with his cat Eevie.

Vancouver BC, Canada

Our Vancouver office is the latest branch of our international tree, where we’re workin’ on some top secret new goodness soon to be rolled out…

Vancouver Executive Team


Joe Bonar


Joe has been creating games and building studios for over thirty-one years. He hears “I wasn’t even born when you made that game” quite often. He has been involved in just about every aspect of video game development in Europe and North America since developing his first game on Commodore 64 back in 1987. He keeps meaning to write a book about how amazing those times were.

He has worked on hundreds of products for dozens of platforms from handheld through console, to PC, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and back to mobile again.

He takes care of everything that helps take care of our business and our people.


Rob Baxter

Creative Director

Over his eighteen-year career, Rob has contributed to award-winning tabletop board games, mobile tap-fests, and AAA console zombie kill-a-thons.

Focused on game systems design, creative development, and prototyping and ideation – Bax oversees our Design Direction from the grandest vision to the smallest interaction.

Grab a regular six-sided die (1d6) and roll to learn a random fact about Rob.
1. He has voice acting credits in two AAA video games.
2. To up his D&D game, Rob took improv classes to be a better Dungeon Master.
3. His favourite fruit is Mango.
4. A published writer, Rob still uses expansive run on sentences to describe things in writing.
5. He can easily be bribed with Butter Tarts.
6. Has never been a Professor at Hogwarts.


David Hinds

Art Director

He is trained in a traditional Fine Arts background, and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts: Media Arts and Digital Technologies degree from ACAD.

Since starting out in the industry at EA Vancouver, David quickly moved into a leadership role, creating effective direction for projects that span consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. His most recent project was ‘Tooth and Claw’ for HTC Vive.

Minsk, Belarus

Our Minsk studio is home to the team designers, artists, and project managers that make Truly Social Games tick.

Minsk Executive Team


Anton Augustinovich

Studio Director

As Studio Director, Anton is at the helm of development and operations in Minsk.

Before working at Truly Social Games, Anton built up 10+ years of experience serving as everything from designer to project manager of multiple mobile game projects.


Dima Shyshanouski

Creative Director

Dima Shyshanouski is the Creative Director of the Minsk studio where he oversees game design and feature development.

Including his time spent at Truly Social Games, he has 15 years of experience under his belt working in game design and prides himself on bringing a strong sense of creativity and organization to his role. He also holds an arts degree from Belarusian State University.


Vladamir Atanov

Lead Back-end Developer

As Lead Developer, Vladimir Atanov ensures that the servers are stable and the API for our games are working properly.

Before working at Truly Social Games, Vladimir built up 7+ years of experience serving as everything from backend/frontend developer and devops to team lead of multiple web projects.


Yury Kastsiukevich

Lead Artist

Lead Artist Yura Kastsiukevich is responsible for the art assets used in-game and beyond. A 2D/3D Generalist, Animator and FX Artist, he has 8+ years experience in mobile game development, he took part in mobile games such as Pong World, Super Run with Buddyman, Hand of God, Bowmasters and more.

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