Truly Social Monthly Recap: September 2019 Edition

Time to check in on the current happenings at Truly Social Games, and what an eventful month it’s been! September has come and gone, we have enjoyed some beautiful, sunny days ahead of the full onset of fall weather – the air’s getting cooler, and everywhere you look, the leaves are turning amber, red and gold…

Speaking of everything turning GOLD – we have officially launched Gold Mania!

September winners have been landing these cool prizes:

🎁 10 Daily Winners score limited-edition PopSockets® prizes

🎁 1 Weekly Winner receive Custom Air Jordan Sneakers

🎁 1 28-Day Challenge Winner gets 1 Oz. of REAL GOLD


Check it out NOW if you live in the following regions:

  • United States
  • The Netherlands
  • Philippines
  • Canada

So far, the reviews are GREAT and we are SUPER STOKED to keep all the fun and prizes flowing!

Truly Social “F” Ups!

What else have our intrepid developers been up to, you ask? We are truly social in everything we do, which includes sharing insights about what makes our team so special. We had the rare opportunity to partner with DigiBC and Reveal Events Group to collaborate on Fuckup Nights Vancouver.

The goal: to learn from each presenter’s mistakes and how it made them stronger as entrepreneurs and leaders. There were presenters from three local companies: AMPD Technologies, East Side Games and TSG Vancouver. Joe Bonar, our Vancouver Studio Head, spoke candidly about some of the things he’s learned and the sometimes daunting challenges he has faced, and gave some sometimes hilarious advice on how to deal with adversity.

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