Truly Social Monthly Recap: May 2019 Edition

Thanks for tuning in to the second Truly Social Recap: May Edition! This month our team bonded and saw the end of studio favourite Game of Thrones – and for the record, no one in our team won the Throne Pool. (Did anyone you know guess right?) Our Community Valkyrie has been obsessing over the cinematography in John Wick 3, and well as for the Truly Social Studio? We’re turning things up to an 11.

We’ll fill you in on the details after the jump, but first – let’s have a look at all the May action:

We’ve got BEES!

We’re really proud to embody what it means to be “Truly Social” and to us, a part of being Truly Social is having Social Consciousness: creating for good, accessibility, and inclusion. Our planet has given us a home, and we need to give back to it. We want to inspire our community to give back.

With that said, we’re now a proud sponsor of our very own beehive along with the Centre for Digital Media. We’ve even got a 24/7 livestream on Be sure to follow us on Twitch because we’re planning on doing some games streaming as well (how could we not!)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

We were floored at the support for our single tweet that acknowledged Mental Health Awareness Week in Canada, but we wanted to put together something more. In Truly Social fashion, we put our heads together and came up with what exactly that meant to each of us. Below is a collection of our thoughts.

A healthy balance of work and life is a top priority and it takes time. Take breaks. Take time to decompress when going into different mindsets

You Are Not Your Job. We have a finite amount of time on this planet, and we choose how to spend our time here

Encouragement, support goes a long way. You get what you give

“Visualization is so powerful – it’s how I get to the end of a task.”

We do encourage you all to say what you need to say, say what you want, tell us what we’re doing wrong, tell us what we’re doing better. You are not jeopardizing your job by pushing us harder, by helping us understand a better way to do things, to help us see a different perspective on a way forward. There are no “career limiting moves” when you make us all better.

Every so often… An epic day comes along.

And that day is May the 4th, and Free Comic Book Day. While we are still working on Gold Mania!, we decked out our current host Orelando Glitz in all Jedi garb for the day – and we even had him say hello with an all-too-familiar lasersword.

Did you support your local comic shop? Let us know where you go to pick up your materials on Facebook or Twitter, we’d love to hear from you!

The shirts are in the wild!

We managed to send out the streetwear drop shirts out to our winners. We had to get things just right when we brought these shirts from joke-y memeland to reality, so thanks so much to our winners who have all the patience in the world for us. There’s always at least one Truly Social Games alt shirt on our dev team – hope you love them as much as we do.

If you won, please share where you’ve taken us! (Check out LDRLY’s very own Evan bring us to some island beauty!)

Things are getting turnt in Gold Mania!

We hear you – our Gold Mania! soft launch players in Canada and India are loving our new game show theme, but being in theme isn’t enough… We are taking things up a notch, and when we say “up a notch”, we mean going over-the-top with wacky and fun characters you’ve never seen before. We’re going international and taking some inspiration from some Japanese game shows too.

What do you think of Gold Mania!? Let us know through and perhaps we’ll throw over some game credits for your time – let’s chat!

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