Truly Social Monthly Recap: August 2019 Edition

Another summer down, another new school year to come. More importantly, if you’re located on the North American west coast (is best coast), PAX West is underway all throughout this Labour Day weekend. Our very own Truly Social Mel will be hosting a special screening of her esports documentary Smash Forward: Growing the Vancouver Esports Scene, and her team and the featured cast will be hosting a panel on Saturday, August 31st in the Sandworm Theatre.

As for us? Read on for the Truly Social Happenings!

The countdown is ON for the all-new Gold Mania!

If you’ve had the chance to take part of the soft launch of Gold Mania! Released in Canada and India, we’d love to hear what you think! We know we say this a lot, but we actually love receiving email and messages – you can poke us any time on Facebook, and if you have a lot to share, feel free to send us your thoughts, experiences, and of course, any feedback over to

We’ll be expanding the region availability soon – follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep updated on the latest and greatest news. The next regions included in the Gold Mania! soft launch will be:

  • United States
  • The Netherlands
  • Philippines
  • Canada

More regions coming very soon!

Have you seen the all-new prizing?

In case you missed it – our Creative Director Baxter and Studio Head Joe received some really cool mail this month! We’ll be packing Gold Mania! with MORE prizing, and the first Gold Mania! Drop we’re introducing this unique custom pair of Nike Air Jordans.

Huge thank you to Martin aka Zerango for taking a nice evening stroll with us on the water. It was almost like they were made for him! We’ll be showing off some more video and photos soon.

Here’s a little about Martin: GB | Zerango is a Super Smash Bros Competitor, Streamer, fitness enthusiast and positivity advocate originally from Ontario. He’s finding affirming ways to influence the gaming community. Catch him at his stream or at Vancouver’s local Smash Bros tournaments!

More new characters revealed!

Have you been catching our #ScreenshotSaturday’s on Twitter? We just shared one of our pinata characters last month and this month we revealed this person that’s dressed like a goose – Gooseperson – we don’t have a name for them yet! We can say that this “Gooseperson” appears in two of our new challenge gallery games. Hold tight for more.

Here’s another while we’ve got your attention!

How do you spread kindness to others?

We found Brad’s video on Reddit one day and found out he was just down the road from us. We had coffee with him and got to know him better.

His story in lacking connection and seeking it out for himself was inspiring.

We ask ourselves every day, “how do you spread kindness”? Sometimes it’s as simple as:

  • Telling people who are awesome that they are awesome
  • Sharing a snack with a friend or colleague
  • Asking a friend you haven’t been in touch with how they’re doing, or just saying hi
  • Offering help to someone
  • Spreading positive messages that have actionable ideas online

How do you spread kindness? Let us know on Twitter, or just share something kind and awesome today in your own way!

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