Time spent surfing is never wasted!

Idle Surfing

Idle Surfing

The NUMBER ONE free download on the App Store in Brazil!

Idle Surfing is a beautiful, fun, and most excellent way to spend time surfing in the pristine waters of your dreams.

Simply start your surf school, attract riders, and build your reputation as the best in the world!

The best waves, the best boards, the best tricks, and the best Idle Surfing experience you’ve ever played!



  • Couch Surfing at it’s Absolute Best!
  • Teach surfers to do RAD Tricks!
  • Make your Surf School #1!
  • Open new Surfing Schools and surf spots across the planet!

What people are saying

Great game  

“This game is super addicting and I can not stop playing. This is perfect game if you are going on a road trip etc. Best surfing game ever!!”

I love This  

“This game is such a good game but I want y’all to add something. What I want is that y’all add like a hurricane or tsunami that comes in and wrecks everything and it could be like the prestige or it could be something cool. Please take this idea into consideration. Thanks”

Time spent surfing is never wasted!